Property Investment can be one of the best options for building wealth in the long term which can contribute towards a comfortable retirement if done properly. That’s where I come in. As a mortgage specialist, I have the know-how on both the market and current legislation to help you make the smarter choices. It’s important to consider everything properly from area analysis, upcoming infrastructure projects, major developments and area value to make sure you get maximum value for your money. With me on your side, you will have access to competitive funding solutions that suit your needs and goals.

There are multiple options available to secure that investment property. You can opt for the traditional investment option (provided you currently own property) of leveraging existing the existing equity in a current property to purchase the next. Another option that is gaining popularity is Rent-vesting. Rent-vesting simply put, is purchasing a property specifically for the purpose of leasing, while you rent a property in the area you would rather be living. This makes for an excellent foothold onto the property market that is popular in cities where desirable living areas are nearly impossible to afford to buy. Buying cheaper properties can potentially allow you to build wealth more quickly than stretching your budget to buy one expensive home.

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